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Avert Systems Corp. has been developing commercial software products and doing contract programming  since the mid-1980's.  We've changed, grown and seen more computers, development tools, platforms and OS's come and go then most development companies.  From Z80 to 80n86 to Forth to MFC to Delphi to C#, we know software development.  But unlike most contract software houses, since we've also produced commercial applications, we know support and updates are a crucial part of any truly excellent  software application.  We pride ourselves on our grip on all aspects of a "program" from the technology to the quality to training & support to the future enhancibility.

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Company Profile

Located in Calgary, AB, Canada, we're in the heart of the Canadian oil, gas and engineering world.

We've got years of experience in all aspects of engineering software and a large resource base of diverse professionals to draw from.



Contact Information

Postal address
PO Box 549 Stn T, Calgary, AB, Canada T2H 2H1
Electronic mail
General Information: avert@telusplanet.net


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